Final grading of 2017

What a way to finish the year! Congratulations to all students who were successful in completing their kyu grade tests with strength, stamina and strong technique!

Callum was outstanding. He was sharp and precise throughout the examination and finished it with 20+ fights – much more than required for this kyu test.

Special mention to Pat Spiteri who has worked very hard with a high attendance rate since joining the dojo 2 years ago.

An extra mention goes to Andrew Snodgrass who was unable to complete the test that night but came back the next night with the seniors to give it another go.

Amazing work to Tiko who has picked things up very quickly and is already a valued member of our dojo after only a short time!

Our kids continue to improve and we are really happy that the junior development program is showing the results. Mori’s overall improvement deserves to be called out but look out for Selene’s power punch!

Thanks to all who came in to support.


  • Callum – 4th kyu (green belt)
  • Jackson – 7th kyu (senior blue belt)
  • Pat – 7th kyu (senior blue belt)
  • Kris – 7th kyu (senior blue belt)
  • Daniel – 8th kyu (blue belt)
  • Leah – 9th kyu (senior orange belt)
  • Selene – 9th kyu (senior orange belt)
  • Mori – 9th kyu (senior orange belt)
  • Tom – 9th kyu (senior orange belt)
  • Andrew – 9th kyu (senior orange belt)
  • Tiko – 10th kyu (orange belt)

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