Summer sessions are back!

It’s hot and it’s the holidays which means summer training!

No dogis, just shorts/t-shirts. We’ll put on some music and sweat it out.

Join us for a great cardio workout, circuit, big bags. Lots of kicking and even more stretching.

Everyone really enjoyed this training the last 2 years and most saw some pretty impressive results in flexibility.

We’ll operate an almost normal timetable.

TUE 19 6:00pm
WED 20 6:00pm
THU 21 6:30pm
SAT 23 pending interest
TUE 26 boxing day no training
WED 27 6:00pm
THU 28 6:30pm
SAT 30 8:30am

We’ll welcome 2018 with our normal timetable resuming Tuesday January 2. We’ll keep with the casual summer training format until further notice… around mid to late January.


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