Welcome to Kyokushin Central – IKO Karate Dojo located in Brisbane City, Australia.


We care about the health and safety of our members and community. We are temporarily closed due to COVID19 restrictions and also relocation. We anticipate a return to training, in a new dedicated dojo (similar area) in August. Keep an eye on the website, facebook or get in touch for updates.

Here you’ll find a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that is steeped in traditional Japanese Karate. Train with us for fitness, strength and flexibility – a workout you won’t get anywhere else – all the while learning the cultures and traditions of Kyokushin.

Karate classes run 4 times per week under Shihan Raan Apatu, Godan (5th degree blackbelt).

Facilities and equipment

brisbane-dojo-big-bagsWe are very fortunate to have a large, bright, dedicated dojo space in Brisbane City. Our facilities include:

  • Four large, heavy bags suspended from the ceiling
  • Big mitts, kick pads, thai pads, focus mitts, paddles
  • Sprung wooden floor
  • Matted area
  • Plyo boxes
  • Stretching aids
  • Toilets and changing area
  • Women’s changing room