Your first week is free!

At Central Kyokushin we offer excellent value for money. Expect to pay much less than you would at a gym, fight club or personal trainer. Anyone is welcome to give our dojo a try. What’s more, we’ll give you your first week of training for free – that’s up to 4 free lessons – with no obligations.

Training fees

18yrs +
Junior Beginners
Thursday 4:30pm class only
1 mo. $60 $50 $40
3 mo. $160 $130 $110
6 mo. $300 $250 $200
Annual $580 $480 $380
Single class $20 $20 $20

The above prices are for 1 person. We offer discounted family rates. Please enquire for pricing.

Joining fee

All students pay a joining fee of $60 which includes official membership to the IKO (International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan)

Grading fees

Black belt
2nd and 1st Kyu
Brown belt
8th to 3rd Kyu
Blue, Yellow, Green belts
10th and 9th Kyu
Orange belt

Questions? Comments?

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