Your first week is free!

At Central Kyokushin we offer excellent value for money. Expect to pay much less than you would at a gym, fight club or personal trainer. Anyone is welcome to give our dojo a try. What’s more, we’ll give you your first week of training for free – that’s up to 4 free lessons – with no obligations.

Training fees

18yrs +
Thursday 4:30pm class only
1 mo. $60 $50 $40
3 mo. $160 $130 $110
10 class pass* $120 $100 N/A
Single class $20 $20 $10

The above prices are for 1 person.
We offer discounted family rates. Please enquire for pricing.
*Class pass entitles you to 10 classes and is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

Joining fee

All students pay a joining fee of $60 which includes official membership to the IKO (International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan)

Grading fees

Shodan and above
Black belt and above
2nd and 1st Kyu
Brown & Senior Brown belt
4th and 3rd Kyu
Green & Senior Green belt
6th and 5th Kyu
Yellow & Senior Yellow
8th and 7th Kyu
Blue & Senior Blue
10th and 9th Kyu
Orange & Senior Orange

Questions? Comments?

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